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Today is a Great Day stone


Discover it, Embrace it, Keep the Flow Going

This whole "Today is a Great Day" project began in 2016 as a mindful mission to positively impact social media with excellent vibes.  I saw on social media mirroring what was going on in my mind, negative thoughts, angst, and solitude.  I wanted to make a change in myself and the world.
Each morning I would wake up, say to myself, and then post "Today is a Great Day" to my Facebook page.  This gave my brain a kickstart into positivity, and I started to build feelings of gratitude and appreciation.  As I continued, I took note of how many of my friends were also impacted by this ripple I put out.  Each day the post would get more and more likes, not from just the same friends day after day.  I heard feedback from several that it was something that they really enjoyed waking up to in their feed.  I was rippling healing vibes, empowering people to own their day, and inspiring them to seek the Great.
I decided that I wanted to make a more significant impact with it.
I remembered a conversation I had with one of my nearest and dearest friends.  He showed me a photo of a rock that someone had painted with some words of gratitude and left behind for others to find.  EUREKA!  I immediately began researching opportunities and ways to make this passion project work.  I found a company that would engrave stones, and the spreading of positivity began.
When I began the project, my job had me traveling all over the United States, which was perfect to put out an abundance of stones.  In the cities I visited, I left behind these trinkets of positivity for the next soul that's ready to discover and hear the message. At last count, I believe there are approximately 500 "Today is a Great Day" stones circulating.  So, if you've found yourself with a stone in hand, found it out in nature, a random nook, wherever - consider yourself fortunate. Divine timing and placement certainly did their part in helping you receive the message of Today is a Great Day.

Today is a Great Day Stone


1.  PICK UP the stone and take it with you! Think about the great things that have happened in your day.  Where you are right now.  Who you've just met.  Breathe and enjoy this moment of mindfulness.

2.  KEEP IT FLOWING.  Now it's your chance to spread some positivity and impact someone's day.  PLACE the stone somewhere for the next person to find.

3.  TAKE A PICTURE of the stone where you've left it (be sure the stone is in the picture!).  Get creative!

4.  POST the picture and TAG:

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