Today is a GREAT day!

Spread Joy, Positivity and Celebrate the Greatness in each day

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Today is a GREAT day!

Did you find a 

"Great Day" Stone?

The instructions are really simple, and it'll not only open the door for more Joy, Appreciation and Gratitude in YOUR life, but you have the ability to impact a strangers life too!

1.  PICK UP the stone and take it with you! Think about the great things that have happened in your day.  Where you are right now.  Who you've just met.  Breathe and enjoy this moment of mindfulness.


2.  Keep the momentum of the movement flowing!  Now it's your chance to spread some positivity and impact someones day.  PLACE the stone somewhere for the next person to find.


3.  This next step is important!  TAKE A PICTURE of the stone where you've left it (be sure the stone is in the picture!).  Get creative!


4.  POST the picture and TAG:


BONUS:  Include some positive thoughts about your great day in your post! Feel free to use #TodayIsAGreatDay & #GreatDay

Today is a GREAT Day!


The story behind the Stone

This whole "Today is a Great Day" project began as a mindful mission to progressively impact social media with positive vibes.  I also began this mission at a time in my life where I was welcoming more positive energy into my being.

Each morning I would wake up and post "Today is a Great Day".  Not only did this get my brain a kickstart in the positive direction for my day and set the intention of gratitude and appreciation, I noticed that it was also impacting my friends.  Each day the post would get more and more likes, and not from just the same friends day after day.  I heard feedback from several that it was something that other people really enjoyed waking up to in the Facebook newsfeed.  I was affecting people in a positive way!  I was encouraging joy!  This absolutely thrilled me as I truly live a life to spread positivity to others, raise the vibration and help people realize the greatness that is truly around them.  


I wanted to take it to a larger scale...

I thought and I thought about ways that I could impact people AND enable them to impact others on a GRANDER scale.

I remembered a conversation I had with one of my nearest and dearest soul family members.  He showed me a picture of a rock that someone had painted on with some words of gratitude and left behind for others to find.  LIGHT BULB!  I immediately began researching opportunities and ways to make this passion project work.  Insert the current version of the etched stone that you see today.


Here's the REALLY cool part!  I'm fortunate to have a job that travels me all over the United States.  In each of the cities I visit, I'll be leaving these stones behind, ready to spread positivity to the next soul that's ready to embrace it and keep the flow going. 

I'm so excited to work on this global passion project with all of you!  


Please tell others about this passion project!  I'd love you to be part of this community to spread Joy around the globe.  There are several outlets that I currently operate from in addition to this site.  

Facebook Page:  Today is a Great Day

Facebook Group (Members can post here): Today is a Great Day

Instagram: @greatday_365


*Seth Barker*

Production Stage Manager - The Phantom of the Opera

Whole Person Life Coach - Seth Barker Coaching

Event Producer - Seth Barker Entertainment


For more information email me!


Stone's placed in:  St. Louis, MO - Springfield, MO - San Francisco - CA, San Diego, CA - Salt Lake City, UT - Toronto, ON - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sedona, AZ Phoenix, AZ - Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Omaha, NE, Dallas, TX

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