Seth's Think Tank

This is a collection of ideas that I've had through life.  I've held onto these in the secret place of my mind because I thought I needed to trademark or patent ideas to make money.

Wrong - if these ideas can serve and create value in society

and help the world, then they need to get out there. 

My hope in sharing these ideas is to collaborate on them to bring them to fruition

and to inspire your imagination to get creative for great change.

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Think2Thunk is a web-based idea that's goal is to pair up people with ideas to bring more sustainable and better practices to the world, with the people who can help brainstorm, coach, advise and even help manifest their idea or process into practice.

It's an online community where imaginative people can post their ideas and others can offer insight and solutions.  Utilizing the talents and skills of the Think2Thunk community to help bring ideas that may fall by the wayside to the frontline.  

It's a collective, co-creative process that everyone feels like they're giving for something good and contributing to the betterment of humanity and the world.

Have an idea to help ease homelessness, poverty, pollution but not sure how to implement it?  Think2Thunk is the community of change-makers to bring it to for a radical change.

In regards to collaboration on this idea, I'd love to form Think2Thunk with the same concept in which it's intended to operate.  By finding the right group of people to come together to formulate the site, community, and more and then watch it give back.

If you're interested in collaboration, please visit the Think2Thunk site by clicking below

If you're interested in collaboration, please email me :)

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LOVE water is a non-profit concept to help people all over the world have access to clean water.

LOVE water is bottled water that is also tuned to the frequency of love, which is 512Hz.  Water has an amazing memory, and when we treat our water kindly it nourishes our bodies.  When we treat our water badly, we create pollution, toxins, and more.

After the water is tuned in a large copper vessel it would then be bottled in cobalt blue glass bottles to help preserve the nourishing qualities of water.

Each bottle sold helps to provide clean water and clean water systems to those in need.  

I LOVE this idea so much.  I'd absolutely love to see this come alive and make a huge impact in the world.  I'm really great at ideas and don't have the knowledge around establishing an actual process and non-profit.  I'd love to bring this alive with the right team.  If this idea is making your heart sing as much as mine and you have something to offer, please let me know.