What is Whole Person Coaching®

Whole Person Coaching is a holistic coaching method based on the premise that when you come to know, embrace and express all aspects of your whole self, you are positioned to thrive in any aspect of life. You become rich in resources, grounded in your being, and at peace within.

Whole Person Coaching® is a thought-provoking process coupled with experience-oriented, transformative learning designed to help you to gain access to the depth and breadth of who you are at the core: mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

From this embodied understanding of your whole self, you can easily and effectively draw upon your deepest wisdom to overcome any stopping blocks and achieve what matters most to you.

From our work together, you will emerge fully self-innovative and well equipped to be highly effective in any aspect of your life, for the rest of your life.

Whole Person Coaching® Philosophy

The Whole Person Coaching methodology is firmly rooted in four distinct yet interrelated fundamental principles. Each principle offers guidance related to the nature and phenomena of your journey to wholeness, vitality, balance, and life-fulfillment. They guide you to recognize and understand the deeper dimensions and processes at work when it comes to creating sustainable positive change in yourself.


The foundational principles are:

  • Wholeness: You are whole, completely resourceful and self-innovative

  • Empowerment: You lead the way

  • Interdependence: Our process is co-creative and generative

  • Self-Mastery: As your coach I’m devoted to learn, grow and offer you my very best self



Wholeness: You are whole, completely resourceful, and self-innovative.

As a Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

  • Witness, trust, and respect you as a whole and unique individual; you are a resourceful person who possesses everything you need to successfully create and navigate change on your own behalf.

  • Engage all aspects of you as a whole person – mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual – to elicit the wisdom and inspiration that resides within you.

  • Invite you to recognize the interrelated nature of all aspects of your life, and to examine the links and interactions between your relationships, career, identity, health, finances, and other motivating factors.



Empowerment: You lead the way

As a Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

  • Seek direction and your feedback to align the coaching process to your needs and desired outcome.

  • Trust and allow you to solve your own problems and create your own opportunities.

  • Cultivate a life- and self-affirming environment for you such that you feel safe to

    freely contribute and authentically express your true nature.

  • Sustain a not-knowing, curious mindset that is unattached and expectation-free of

    you, your process, and the desired outcome.



Synergy (Interdependence): Our process is co-creative and generative

As a Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

  • Offer a highly collaborative, generative partnership that builds upon your strengths, resources, assets, and personal power and to encourage your best self to shine.

  • Authentically and whole-heartedly share observations and perspectives to create a positive impact while inviting you to do the same.

  • Leverage the power of the coaching relationship to promote learning, growth and positive change, from a place of openness, truth, and compassion.

    Self-Mastery: As your coach I’m devoted to learn, grow and offer you my very best self

    As a Whole Person Coach, you can count on me to:

  • Devote myself to continued self-development as needed, including professional accreditation, advanced training, and lifelong learning. This may include mentorship to ensure that I’m bringing my best to our interactions and coaching experience.

  • Effectively manage my own reactions and internal story to be fully present and supportive of your needs.

  • Address any challenges or issues with professional support that could impact my ability to bring out my best in service to your needs.