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Can this offer you more clarity, momentum, and drive?

Recently I have found myself with days during the week with nothing to do. Knowing good and well that there are things to be worked on. For some reason, I just couldn't get clarity, momentum, or drive to do them.

The technique came up when I was talking with a friend about not really getting much done. This friend mentioned that they were also in the same boat. It dawned on me that I wasn't giving enough conscious time to thinking about what needed to be taken care of. I was giving 15 seconds of conscious thought to what the next day was going to be. I told this friend - "What if we give 15 minutes of conscious thought to our next day's activities." I made the commitment to do this practice for 40 days, the length of a mandala, to experience the true effects and create a practice that offers me the structure I need.

The first night I tried the technique I sat in my meditation chair and set the timer for 15 minutes. I closed my eyes and started to visualize everything that needed to be done, in chronological order. When I got out of the meditation I wrote down everything on a post-it. The following morning I looked at the post-it and again devoted 10 minutes to consciously thinking about and visualizing the tasks to completion. The technique worked like a charm!!!

The next night I decided to try a slightly different approach, which is what I'm currently using. I sat down in the chair, set the timer for 15 minutes and, grabbed my journal. I took up half the page writing down what my next day was going to look like and what needed to be taken care of. Once I finished the story of my forecasted day, I took a highlighter (not necessary, but my pitta dosha really likes it) and noted what tasks popped up. I then transferred those tasks to a checklist on the second half of the paper at the bottom. With the time left, I visualized the tasks to completion, again adding momentum and willpower to what needed to be done. The next morning, I took the list, set the timer for 10, and visualized it.

The Technique:

  • Evening Journal & Visualization for 15 Minutes

  • Morning visualization for 10 Minutes

  • Accomplish your tasks!