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Chase the Unknown


Many of us, when we wake up, we instantly start creating lists of tasks we have to accomplish, people we have to see, appointments we have to make.  Of course, this may seem like a strategy for many of us to get our day together, but what we’re doing is actually paving the way for us to have the exact same kind of day we had the day before, and the day before that and so on.  This creates a lot of friction when it comes to making a big change in our lives.

When we’re making those lists of things to accomplish and people to see and so forth, we are actually creating the same chemical composition in our brains that it took the day before to create the day before us.  That being said, if we’re creating the same chemicals in our brains, we’re reacting to situations in the same way thus we are living our “current” lives in the past.  In order to create new chemicals in our brains and create new situations, we have to venture into the unknown to create BIG CHANGE, new experiences, learning, and adventure in our lives.

So how do we create these new chemicals?  Meditation.  A solid meditation PRACTICE.  I emphasize practice because I simply want to remind you that meditation isn’t easy!  It is a practice, each and every time we do it.  We always learn something new about ourselves, environment, oneness with the world, the universe and so much more everytime we practice our meditation.  PLUS isn’t it nice to just be with your own self for a few minutes in the day?  YOU DESERVE THAT!

This week I’m going to alter my meditation practice just a little and do 3, 10-minute sessions per day.  During my meditation, I will focus on Love, Gratitude & Joy (not all at the same time).  I will focus on thoughts of a higher vibration so I can alter the chemicals I’m creating to pave the way for BIG CHANGE.

I invite you to join me in this week’s Meta Mondays lesson and quiet your mind and CHASE THE UNKNOWN.  If those thoughts get loud simply let them pass.  If your body gets fidgety and wants you to stop meditating because you think you’re bored, tough it out for a few extra minutes.  Those few extra minutes will be enough to create new change in your life by creating new chemical combinations in your brain.  I invite you to shift your awareness and bring it into the unknown.  That’s where the true you is hanging out!

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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As a Certified Whole Person Holistic Life Coach, I guide Entertainment Professionals to discover their authenticity, find life balance and live their dreams so they can inspire others by radiating their unique inner light BRIGHT on and off stage. – Interested in learning more?  Email: hello@sethbarker.com for a chat.

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