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Consciously using Social Media


I’m writing this article because I think Social Media has a place in our society, however, I think it’s up to the user to use it consciously.  Perhaps someone might not know what the effects of Social Media are and would like to know how they can use it to their benefit instead of becoming a slave to the social media click machine.

Like slot machines, dating apps, email alerts and alerts on our phones, those little red notifications actually help to release dopamine into our bodies.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is also called the “feel good drug.”  Our bodies become addicted to this dopamine fix which is why we are always picking up our phones and trying to get a quick fix.  Ever see someone who just can’t seem to get a big enough fix just keep scrolling on their phone?  We’ve all been there.  It’s just mind-numbing and such a huge waste of time.

This week I’m making the decision to use social media consciously, and I invite you to try the same.  Here’s what I’m planning to do to reclaim my brain, reward it with authentic interaction and still stay in touch and informed.

  1.  I’m not going to “like” any posts on Facebook or Instagram.  Instead, if I happen to see a picture of something I like or something I find interesting, I’m going to comment on it.  I’m going to make a pledge to create a dopamine fix AND a human interaction.  The key here is that you’re not just creating a dopamine fix for someone else.  Instead, you’re creating the fix AND you’re creating the human interaction.  Isn’t that much better than just getting a quick fix?  Don’t we all like hearing from our friends and families anyway?

I’m going to invite my friends on social media to join me doing step #1 and use this post:.  “I’m consciously using social media this week.  I’m not going to be liking any photos or posts this week and instead, will be interacting with posts by leaving comments.  I may also be reaching out directly to those that have posted something that I like or find beautiful so I can continue to create and cultivate relationships with people that are important in my life.  Please join me this week in creating stronger human connections.”
  1. Any clickbait that has made it past my keen eye will be eliminated from my facebook feed.  any news services that are simply trying to get an emotional response out of me so it can sway me one way or another is getting deleted.  Quite frankly, even those negative friends that seem to never post any good news, EVER, are getting the 30-day break!

  2. When I’m on, I’m going to be on.  I’m going to mindfully be aware of why I’m on my social media.  I’m going to check in with my body and ask questions like: “Why are you here?  Is there something you need?  How else can that need be satisfied?”

  3. We all have those notifications that annoy us on our phones that seem to be a waste of our time.  I’m shutting those down.  Whether it be a notification for another youtube clip or a reminder that I’ve simply been leaving in a habit loop, I’m cleaning house and I’m shutting it down!

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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