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Duality and how it can serve you


All of them had different intentions when this was brought up, but Universe… I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!  3 times to my door!  I GET IT!

Duality states that something can not exist without the other side of it existing.  Take the example of pain and pleasure.  If you were to live a life of pleasure all the time and have never ever experienced pain, you would not know that pleasure existed.  and vice versa for pain.

Now, when we talk about duality in our lives we’re talking about what we desire and what we don’t.  What serves us and what doesn’t.  A positive emotion or negative emotion.  With Duality we get an opportunity to decide what it is we desire.  As humans, we are wired to go to a negative, problem-solving head space first.  This is cool and all, but what a “Debbie Downer”!  Understanding the principal of duality really puts a lot of power in your hand, especially when you encounter something you might not desire.  Try this exercise on to get you on target with your desires:

  1.  Those negative thoughts – write them down.  Write them all down.   Those things that you encounter that you see as problems, write them down.

  2.   After you’ve written your negative thoughts down, in a column next to them, flip it and reverse it.  Write something down in a positive sense and then focus on that.  Make sure that it’s something you really have an emotional connection to or it’s going to take a little time to make an appearance in your life.  You’re not just writing down positive thoughts to manifest positive thoughts.  You’re writing down positive thoughts that are in alignment with your heart’s core values that you are going to welcome into your life, with ease and grace.

For example, You might have a negative thought about self-doubt showing up somewhere in your life.  Clearly, you don’t like this lower vibrational feeling.  Of course, you want to bring it up.  Duality is showing you that you do not want to stay in this emotional state.  Tap into your inner resources and think of higher vibrational thought.  Maybe the thought would be:  “I’m really proud of who I am and truly trust in myself.”  – As long as pride and trust are part of those core values (in this example) then this is a great thought towards higher vibrational awareness.

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Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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