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Earth is an Extension of You.

Just like the importance of treating our human waste from our bodies, our consumer-based waste stream has to be considered just as important. Our human bodies are perfect machines when we take care of them. We consume products from the outside world into our body systems to be processed, sorted, and distributed throughout our body system.  Our bodies have the innate knowledge to know what’s good for it and what’s bad by eliminating toxins through our stool, urine, and sweat.  Sometimes, during the body’s elimination process, we cause too much damage with toxic substances to our internal organs and digestive fires.  This causes a buildup of “sludge” or ama that needs to be cleansed and changed with lifestyle adjustments and detoxification. The planet operates and functions in much the same way.  We have currently built many systems of consuming, governmental rule, religious rule and more that are providing too much toxicity and we’re building up a lot of sludge.  

We’re at a turning point on this planet. Mother Earth has offered us a symptom much like the body does when disease is present. When a disease presents itself, we find the energy, willpower, and strength to take the disease head-on. Why? Simply because we have a desire to live. A desire to be here on this beautiful planet experiencing life and getting closer and closer to our own Self Realization. We as a human species must rise up and find that same desire to live by healing the disease which is impacting our planet. The disease is not humanity but has been caused by the decision’s humanity has made. By the way in which we live our lives in a checked out, consumption based, expecting someone else to take care of the problem sort of way. As we continue to consume, we must implement mindful and sustainable practices that are not only good for the external environment as well as the internal. We must bring awareness to the fact that the actions we take and the decisions we make DO cause an effect. We need to bring mindful attention into our actions so we can ask “Is this decision and/or action healthy for me, humanity and the environment?”

When a disease strikes the body, we bring awareness and work to eliminate the toxins we can. Often times people completely adjust their lives simply because of their will to live. We bring in healthier habits and ingredients into our life and surrender to the intelligence of our bodies to handle the rest. We must recognize the fact that the Earth is our extended body. Without the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space we would not be here. We would not have food to eat, shelter to keep us dry, warmth of fire or clean air to breathe. I will say this again, because it’s such a profound statement. The Earth Is An Extension Of Our Body. We are not currently processing our external body (Earth) the way we are helping our internal body to process. We must give our external body healthier habits and ingredients so the intelligence of nature can process effectively. Our mindset needs to change so we can begin to live a life that recognizes this life sustaining fact. We need to eliminate the toxins which are causing the disease we have caused here on planet Earth, by our will to live.

We as the strong, bull-headed at times, full of energy, of love and dedication need to rise up as a collective and start the sustainability work on our own lives and the life of the planet. We need to be sure that the relationships we create in our day to day life and with the planet are nurturing and nourishing for one another. The body and Earth tech us everything we need to know to live and prevent disease.

Below are just a few ideas of how you can start to bring more balance and reduce toxins in your personal life as well as your co-creative existence with humanity, Earth and Universe.

Human Sustainability:

  1. Meditate!

  2. Develop a healthier diet – Whole, Non-Gmo, Organic foods.

  3. Eliminate suffering from your meals

  4. Get moving! Get Physical

  5. Get enough Rest

  6. Work with the cycles of Nature

  7. Develop healthy relationships with one another

  8. Start thinking for yourself instead of just taking the words and opinions of others

Earth Sustainability:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose!

  2. Support CSA – Community Supported Agriculture

  3. Don’t buy products that the packaging can’t be recycled

  4. Don’t use harsh chemicals in the home

  5. Support clean energy

  6. Respect the water

  7. Work with the cycles of nature

  8. Don’t use toxic chemicals in your yard

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