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Good Morning goes a long way


This post is inspired from a conversation that I was having with a friend last week in which we were talking about how our brains jump to conclusions about how situations are going to turn out with people based on whether or not effort has been put into building a relationship, for example saying Good Morning or Hello. 

You have the ability to set the tone of our day from the moment you get up.  You also have the ability to set the tone for the environments in which you travel, work and more.

Say you go into work and nothing is said to someone you see each and every day (from you or the other person).  No words no energy exchanged.  No hello no nothing.  The only communication you ever have with this person is the criticism of your work.  How does that feel?  Not great, I bet.  Because no relationship or trust has been built with this person, your brain has recognized them as a threat and sent you into flight, fight or freeze mode.  This creates an unfriendly environment and communication is difficult.

Now suppose you head into work and you see a co-worker that you say hello or good morning to each day.  This small exchange of trust building conversation and energy sets a tone for what the relationship with that specific person will be the rest of the day (and likely days to come).  If this person offers criticism about your work, you are less likely to take it offensively as you’ve been building trust with this person and have also been putting energy towards building an environment that is kind and compassionate.  You’ll likely take this criticism constructively, adopt new ways all while continuing to nurture the relationship you have built.

How are you setting your energy with other people?  Your family your friends and co-workers?  Do you have a habit of checking in with them to say hello?  People matter.  People want to know they matter.  People want to know they exist.  A simple hello and a pat on the shoulder goes a long way in building a healthy relationship in any situation.

LETS GO DEEPER….  This conversation really got my mind thinking about the relationships that I have with those around me and why I feel it’s so important to say good morning, hello or how ya doin’?  I started to wonder why we don’t wake up and treat ourselves the same way we treat others.  With kindness, compassion, and respect.

This week I’ve dedicated the message “Good Morning” to setting the energy with ourselves and with others.  You can change it to any kind of greeting that works best for you but choose something you can stick to for the full week (and maybe even longer!).   This is a two-part exercise:

  1. Build a relationship with yourself: Each morning, from your heart space, as you’re getting up and rising out of bed, take a deep breath.  Say Good Morning to yourself. Be with your good morning for a minute or so.  Let it resonate deep with you.  Allow anything that comes up to come up.  This is where you’re at.  Now you know what your personal energy field at the moment.  You know what you bring to the table, so to speak.

  2. Build a relationship with those you encounter: Each day, from your heart space, say good morning to those in your household, to your cab driver, your barista and your co-workers.  Set the energy with them and start to feel the shift that happens when you begin to share kindness and compassion.  Feel the trust start to build through the week and watch the relationships evolve.

Setting yourself up for a great day from the beginning is your choice.  The more you build this muscle first thing in the morning, the more you’ll be able to handle the variety of emotions that come up each day.  The more you build relationships with others the more it allows you to trust more and open up channels of greater communication.  The benefits are endless from two simple words.

Join me in saying GOOD MORNING to yourself and those around you.

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light.

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