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I AM a Creator


We are Billions of creations on this planet.  Each one of us on this planet has one thing in common with other humans and other creatures. WE ARE CREATORS.  So many creators on this planet I can’t even express it in Billions, Trillions or more!

You get to decide what you want to create.  You and your freewill get to decide how you want to dedicate your energy.  You decide (and create) your journey.

Join me this week as we use this statement  “I Am a Creator” to awaken our minds to our own creations.  Expand and watch the universe start to open up.  Go beyond external.  Think about what creations you are welcoming internally.  Are you creating relationships?  Are you creating happiness?  Are you creating fear-based situations?  What are you creating internally?  Your external is a mirror of what you’ve created internally.  This may sound exciting to some and daunting to others.  The beauty of all of this is that you’re in control of your creations, internal and external.  Use this mindful I AM statement to help you bring awareness to your thoughts of creation.

Be the powerful creator you are.  Stand up to those barriers that are holding you back from unlocking your true potential.  I AM A CREATOR.

Bonus Deep Thoughts:  My mind expanded HUGE when I started thinking about all of the other non-human creators (I first started thinking about ants)!  Whoa!  Each one has a role in this mighty planet.  Talk about an all-encompassing thought to bring about the feeling of oneness.

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light.

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