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As I was journaling earlier this week I started journaling about my desires.  What I wanted to be, do and have.  As I was journaling, a bigger voice in my head made its presence known when it said – “You know your desires?  Those are real needs that aren’t being satisfied.”  Whoa!  Hit like a brick wall.  This sent me on a proverbial rabbit hole that has kept my mind spinning all week.

As I started to really identify what my desires are and what needs are not being met, I began to recognize why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling.  Spirit is telling me that I have needs not being met, it’s time for me to listen and I better get to moving. I started to think outside the box.  I started to think how I could satisfy the need instead of satisfying the desire.  Needless to say, a lot of my needs came up to needing to slow down, do a lot of self-care and truly respect and love my authentic self.

This week’s mantra is: “I am listening” – This is intended to help us listen to our higher self.  To listen to that voice in your head that’s telling you exactly what you need.  That voice that we all often times silence so we can continue living in a busy world.  Take time this week and listen to that voice.  This week think about your desires and what needs are not being met by having that desire.  Think about ways that you can slowly start to satisfy those needs.  Once these needs start to be satisfied it’s only a matter of time and attention and intention until your desires are met!

ps.  Here’s a trick that works for me that I got from a Deepak Chopra and Oprah meditation.  Wherever you are, view your life as though you’re looking at it like you’re in a movie.  This pulls you up and allows you to see your life as spirit sees it opening a deeper connection with YOU.

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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As a Certified Whole Person Holistic Life Coach, I guide Entertainment Professionals to discover their authenticity, find life balance and live their dreams so they can inspire others by radiating their unique inner light BRIGHT on and off stage. – Interested in learning more?  Email: hello@sethbarker.com for a chat.

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