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It’s simple this week.  I AM PEACE.

Peace begins with you.

Peace begins with me.

Peace begins inside each of us.

Peace is within each and every action we take.  Peace already lives inside of you.  Let Peace be part of your outer world too.

This week – meditate, journal.  Discover your Peace.  Try all 7 days devoted to saying “I AM PEACE” – Say it when you wake up, say it in the shower, say it in the mirror, say it while you’re driving, working, walking, talking and being.

See how peace starts to show up in your outer world when you acknowledge it in your inner world.  Watch your outer world transform this week as you open up the doors of Peace.


Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light.

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As a Certified Whole Person Holistic Life Coach, I guide Entertainment Professionals to discover their authenticity, find life balance and live their dreams so they can inspire others by radiating their unique inner light BRIGHT on and off stage. – Interested in learning more?  Email: hello@sethbarker.com for a chat.

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