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I Love the cosmic dance of LOVE


I wonder how the earth likes being bathed in the sun all the time…  Was my thought getting out of the shower on Saturday morning.  I started thinking about how much I truly enjoy being in the sun and absorbing the beautiful energy.  This is all possible because of the beautiful layer of protection the earth has provided us called the atmosphere.  Without the atmosphere around the Earth, there would be almost no life (as we know it) on the planet.  Mother earth provides this beautiful blanket to shroud its children, the humans, plants, animals, bacteria and more so they can live and thrive.

Without the rays of the Sun, there would be no life (as we know it) on earth.  This beautiful gift of light rays both invisible and felt is truly something to be grateful for.  This beautiful source of energy that has been the inspiration of many weather systems, cosmic events, poems, books, and songs.

The moon plays an important role in our world because of its ability to shift the world’s water, both in the oceans and in our bodies.  The ability it has to shift our gravitational pull is quite a power if I’ve ever felt one!

The Earth, Moon, and Sun tango in a cosmic dance of love allowing life to be experienced.

I’m so appreciative and grateful to the Sun, Moon, and Earth.  I’m even more grateful to join in their cosmic dance!

Take a few moments this week to breathe in and acknowledge the cosmic balance in our lives.

Here’s a song that I truly appreciate by Xavier RuddFollow the Sun

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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