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I’m Grateful for my Free Time


This week I’m going to honor this time.  This week when I’ve just completed a project, I’m going to take a few minutes and let myself be.  I’m going to honor the completion of the project or the simple moment of free time.

We don’t always have to be on the move, we don’t always have to be on the go.

We can just BE.  You know, actually just sitting and being with yourself is really healthy.  In this world full of distractions and busyness, give that mind, body, and soul some time to catch up.

Try it with me this week.  Next time you’re feeling anxious because you’ve got nothing to do, just sit and be.  Let those thoughts come in and go out without any judgments.  Just let them be.

Happy free time!

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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As a Certified Whole Person Holistic Life Coach, I guide Entertainment Professionals to discover their authenticity, find life balance and live their dreams so they can inspire others by radiating their unique inner light BRIGHT on and off stage. – Interested in learning more?  Email: hello@sethbarker.com for a chat.

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