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Meta Mondays – More than Mondays

I’m so excited to bring Meta Mondays to the world!  It’s something I’ve conceptualizing for a while.  And as the world evolves, I’m finding this idea is evolving.

I’m Seth Barker, a Holistic Life Guide, Production Stage Manager, Instrument of Inner Peace, spreader of World Peace, Joy and Positivity.

I’ve started Meta Mondays to share with the world my bright light.  I’m bringing up Spiritual topics to bring forth the Wisdom of the Universe.  Each Monday will be a different topic that is currently on my mind or that I feel needs to be brought into conscious awareness.  What’s really cool is that there will be a picture accompanying the post that will be an affirmation or an I AM statement that you can focus on, all week.

Because I LOVE technology, I’ve created several ways for you to get your dose of Meta Mondays:

Instagram:  metamondays or http://www.instagram.com/metamondays

You can receive a text message on Monday of the affirmation and link to the blog post.  Simply text the word meta to 31996 or you can click here:  Subscribe to Meta Monday! 

You can also follow along on the facebook page:  Meta Mondays

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

SO MUCH Peace, Love, Light, and Gratitude for YOU!

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