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Happy New Years Eve!!!  What an exciting time this is.  2018 is coming to a close opening the door for 2019.  This symbolizes new beginnings and new energy.

A practice I’ve been doing for a few years now is to no longer make resolutions.  I feel like in the past my resolutions have set me up for failure.  Whether it be losing extra weight, drinking less (when I was a drinker) or eating less sugar.  Now I set my New Years Intentions.

Created with positive language and also a tangible goal that’s easily accomplished.  If I’m looking to lose weight or make a change with my health I change my intention to “In 2019 I intend to make healthier choices.”  Not only has this enabled me to find more meaning behind what I intend to do, but there’s also a natural motivation behind it.  An intention is something I can hang onto for the full year, not just a few weeks.  It means more.  It’s a statement to the Universe claiming exactly what you want in your life.

Take more than a few minutes to create your intentions.  Take a whole week if you have to!  Intentions are powerful.  Words are powerful.  Once you make your intentions for 2019 say them out loud and say them proud.  Announce to the universe exactly what you intend on doing and then feel the energy and inspiration come your way!

This week’s phrase is “I intend to….”  I purposely left this blank so we can come up with more than one intention.  Create a whole list of them!

  1. I intend to make healthier choices for my mind, body, and soul.

  2. I intend to be authentic in my relationships with my friends and family.

  3. I intend to take opportunities to expand myself.

  4. I intend to have fun this year.

  5. I intend to be successful this year.

Now that you have the secret ingredient of intention, don’t forget to give it your attention.  Write them down on a post-it, make a note in your phone, put these intentions where you will see them. often.

BONUS: Today I’m dedicating a special 30 minute personal meditation to my friends, family and followers for a 2019 full of Peace, Love, Light, Abundance and Laughter. Join me in dedicating some time to those that are nearest and dearest to you. Take some time out of your day today and send some healing and inspiring vibes!!!

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light.  Beautiful empowering blessings for a wonderful 2019.  This year is a great year!

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As a Certified Whole Person Holistic Life Coach, I guide Entertainment Professionals to discover their authenticity, find life balance and achieve their dreams so they can inspire others by radiating their inner light BRIGHT on and off stage. – Interested in learning more?  Email: hello@sethbarker.com for a free consultation.

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