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We love to be comfortable!  We love to be where things are cozy and warm, well you know what… those places are often times not filled with the growth that will satisfy your heart, and the experience that will nourish the soul.  We continue to talk wanting to manifest this, and manifest that when what we’ve forgotten is that what we really desire is the experience towards the manifestation, for if the manifestation was right in front of us, we’d be fulfilled for a short while, but our soul wouldn’t be fulfilled in the way that it desires to truly CO-CREATE.  To be proud of oneself is to love oneself.

Recently I have been finding myself stagnant.  I find myself fleeing to self-help books to get a sudden burst of inspiration and develop a skill.  I find myself enrolled in online classes thinking this will be the fix I need.  This is all very well, and it has served it’s purpose for what I have been doing has been a deep period of incubation.  I can say that I don’t believe yet that the baby in which I’ve been nurturing and putting so much thought to is completely ready to be exposed to the outside world.  What I can say is that I feel like I have plateaued.  Just like working out at the gym when your body won’t shed another pound or your bicep won’t gain another inch, my personal process of life, my space and time, my place and time – I’ve plateaued.

This is a wonderful thing to notice.  It means that I’ve gained a sense of awareness as to where I currently am, my present state, and where I’d like to head.  There’s resistance looking over my shoulder when I have thoughts as to where I want to be – Oh good, that means there’s room for growth and experiences hidden in lessons ahead.

It’s time to take my familiar place, space and time, and it’s time to shake things up a bit.  It’s time to push my mind, body, and soul to limits it’s not familiar with.  It’s time to get uncomfortable.

Melisa Caprio, from Postcards to the Universe, and I dove deeper into this on our radio show this past week.  Check out the replay from April 17th, 2019:  CLICK HERE


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Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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