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Self Realization and Social Media

Self Realization and Social Media

Last Friday I made a realization that I’ve been searching for mySelf and for validation on social media and dating apps. Life is intended for ones Self-Realization, yes. The problem with utilizing social media and dating apps as the tool for Self-Realization is that you get a false self-reflection. If you’re keen to it, you’ll find out that YOU are not, and you will take that not-ness and turn it into an identity that the ego will latch onto and defend simply because it has been given attention and wrongful validation of false types. Perhaps then social media is truly a reflection of the ego and not the self. Furthermore the ego then gets tangled up with worldly affairs during this usage of social media and begins to use those as identifiers. This causes a false mirror of interpretation and a big distraction to the path of Self-Realization.

Take a break from Social Media. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll learn more about your true self!

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