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We are One

Many of us are worried about our health, the health of our families, loved ones and friends. Many of us are worried about jobs, where our income is going to come from during the next few days and about our savings accounts. It’s very clear that there’s a level of worry amongst the field of consciousness.

I’m going to take a different perspective on this. I invite you to join me on this journey.

We as human beings on this beautiful nurturing mother earth have been guided to this very moment. Humans have been incredibly disconnected from the knowledge of the true Self for ages. We have gone through life as zombies, worried about our individuality and forgetting the oneness of all.

We are experiencing this GLOBAL pandemic for a very specific reason. We are experiencing this because it is the method in which the laws of nature are being taught and broadcast to us. We are experiencing this pandemic because we need to be reminded of the Oneness of all. The Oneness of consciousness. What’s going on externally outside your body is going on internally. What’s going on in the universe, is going on within you, effecting our planet and more. Everything is connected and this pandemic is reminding us of that divine message.

People are currently being sent to isolation being told to stay out of social situations. Inner works comes from the work you do on your own. There’s a larger universal message here – it’s not just the tactile message of “go home and don’t get into contact with anyone”. The true message behind this is “Go Home”. Go into isolation and discover your True Self. Discover the divine consciousness that you ARE. Reach out to your true self. During these times of isolation use these moments to go deep within yourself. Recognize that your TRUE SELF is connected to the ONENESS OF ALL. Recognize that you are your neighbor, you are your lover, you are your friend. YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. Take this moment of isolation to recover from pain, fear, false information, and lower vibrational markings that have been put on our consciousness for ages. Take this time to upgrade your vibrational frequency. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Vow to recognize the Oneness of All. When you come out of isolation, after doing this deep work, look to all life: mineral, plant, animal, human, spirit and say We are One.

Wishing you all Peace and Love as you radiate your special light on your special journey.

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