Life Strategizing, Happiness & Wellness Coaching

for the good of

Entertainment Professionals

What do you get out of our work together?

  • Have clarity with your creativity

  • Have Healthier Mind, Body, Soul connection

  • Be healthier with more awareness around lifestyle choices

  • Have the energy to accomplish what's important to you

  • Live a more sustainable life for your mind, body, soul and the planet

  • Be less stressed and anxious

  • Be happy and more productive

Have mind, body, and soul balance 

so you can continue

to pursue your passions and achieve your goals

This is your

places call....

Free 30 minute


Who is it for?

  • Busy entertainment professionals looking for balance

  • Non-stop traveling professionals that are seeking sustainability

  • Those seeking personal development for their Mind, Body & Soul

  • Those interested in creating and incorporating an Ayurvedic lifestyle

  • Those needing an accountability buddy that can keep them on track and focused

  • Those who want a better, healthier and more connected life

  • Those looking to bring more peace into thier life

Whole Person Coaching





& Human

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Chief Happiness Officer

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Private 1 on 1


From the comfort of your space - either through zoom or on the phone

Group Education

Ayurvedic, Consciousness, and

Perfect Health


Gatherings of likeminded individuals

Study Groups


Conscious Leadership

Vedanta Philosophy

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Phone: (720) 842-7214

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