What the heck am

I doing in Arkansas?!?

1.  Getting to know my Ego.

I will tell you that living in Arkansas gives you an opportunity to truly get to know your ego.  It's amazing what the "herd mentality" can do to our thoughts about places, people, and things.  It's amazing what we just accept as part of us without ever questioning.  Want an even deeper lesson with your ego, live with your parents when you’re 40.   Suddenly you start to truly see the reflections that are made up of your ego and realize that those pieces aren’t who you really are.

And Yes,  I do think my hair is that long these days.  

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2.  Deeping my yoga practice.

I’ve found a yoga community in

Hot Springs that I enjoy being a part of!  I’ve been making friends and deepening my hatha yoga practice.  The yoga practice has been pivotal in my spiritual development too as there’s so much that I’m able to bring to the mat to really work through.  Not only that, getting the vital life force flowing through my veins really sets me up to be able to sustain my energy all day long. 

Strengthening my Spirituality

You can say universe, cosmos, source, origin whatever you need to, to understand.  Really aligning myself on the path of seeking the true self.   I’ve really been diving deep into Vedic Philosophy and working to apply those teachings to my life for happiness.  Such a wonderful lost philosophy that is full of so much.  I was turned onto Vedanta when I was seeking out Yoga.  Thanks to the guidance of my spirit, I found a Yoga teacher that explained much more than what the "western" mindset of yoga is.

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Learning to live more Sustainably. 

We have 1 recycling center that is near my parents house and they only take #1 & #2 plastics!  I’ve really been working hard to create more of a sustainable lifestyle from my day to day operations to being a more conscious consumer when I buy something in a plastic container.  Making sure that it’s a #1 or #2 plastic when I buy it ensures that it won’t be going to the landfill on my watch!  I’ve also been doing my part to make companies that I have bought from in the past know that there’s people out there that don’t have the option to recycle as much and I’ve been asking some companies to review their packaging materials in an effort to help them bring a more sustainable product to the market.  In addition to that, I’ve been taking care of my bodies sustainability and making sure I’m not spending more energy than what I’m bringing in.  I’m getting out in nature quite a bit to stay grounded and really getting to explore the beautiful nature that Arkansas has to offer.  It’s not uncommon for me to see a deer or two every day.  I’ve lost my fear of snakes from seeing them so frequently and the birds sing to me all day long to keep me energized!

Blending delicious beats for optimal absorption.

I picked up some DJ equipment and a variety of tunes and I’ve been blending various songs together.  I'm having a really great time expressing my creativity and learning something new.  

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Conjuring up new ideas.

I've been blessed to always have an active imagination! - I love coming up with new ideas and new ways to do things.  I've kept many of them secret for such a long time or only shared them with a few friends, but now it's time to give them to the world.  I love ideas that help create a more sustainable planet.  Grateful for this imagination of mine.  

I'm making these ideas public in hopes of collaboration!  Go check 'em out!  If there's something there that interests you, reach out!  If there's not something that interests you, but you have an idea, reach out!

Building a Business and a Tribe.

I’ve been working to create a tribe of

Happy, Healthy, and Spiritual people.  People that are interested in learning, being proactive and preventative about their Happiness & Health while creating a deeper connection with their true Self.  Folks that realize that there’s more to life than what’s presented but don’t know where to start.  Creators that have an idea and want to see it come alive.   Some may know, but I took a deep dive into the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and have been living an Ayurvedic lifestyle for nearly a year now.  I’ve loved the level of consciousness that it’s brought up in me, I feel healthier and happier and I definitely feel a deeper connection to myself.  I also realize that my health is in my control, which is such a powerful tool when healthcare is becoming such an expensive thing to have any more.  I’m excited to announce that I’ve been studying and will be graduating with my teaching certification this fall form the Chopra center.  I became a Certified Whole Person Coach a couple of years ago and now that I’ve shifted to this phase in my life, I’m working to fuse Whole Person Coaching, the teachings of Ayurveda plus the Self Development work that has helped me along my path to help others that are interested in learning and growing.

These are some Really Cool things that have come along my Journey that you may enjoy:

Learning how to Learn

- A great 4-week course that details out a learning process.  Especially helpful when learning a new subject.  Learning is something we aren't necessarily taught in school, and Barbara Oakley breaks it down.  


- You can develop so many skills here for free.  If you'd like, you can elect to receive a certification for a fee.


- Design anything.  The free version of this creative website is pretty great for creating Social Media Posts, T-Shirt designs, Invitations and so much more.

Dopamine Detox

- Is the brain feeling mushy from scrolling?  Here's why...  This 10-minute video will have you doing a Dopamine Detox and reclaiming your time.  This video will help humanity get our brains back!  I loved this video so much.  It has really helped me to regather my focus to get the "Hard Stuff" done.

Be Here Now Network

- Such a great website full of podcasts to help bring you into the moment and propel your personal and spiritual growth.

A heap of gratitude to these beautiful souls and forces for so much inspiration to grow and transform.  Namaste.

Ram Dass


Eckhardt Tolle

Deepak Chopra

Swami Parthasarathy

Lee Harris



Jesus Christ

The Universe